Elisabeth Pilkington Ratiu Mental Health Award
Edition 2020

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The Elisabeth Pilkington Ratiu Award was launched in 2016, in the memory of Ion Ratiu's wife, Elisabeth, who has dedicated much of her life to identifying ways to help others and raising awareness about the suffering associated with mental health disorders.
The mission of the award is to contribute to increasing the quality of knowledge and services in this field in Romania, as well as to reduce the stigma and prejudices associated with these types of disorders. For 3 years, we have rewarded mental health professionals with spectacular results, such as Prof. Mircea Miclea, Prof. Cătălina Tudose, Prof. Bogdana Tudorache and Prof. Daniel David.

Starting 2020, the award opens to the community of mental health practitioners in Romania, enabling them to apply or be nominated, to make their initiatives and efforts more visible and to raise the quality of the lives of people who struggle with mental health problems. Through these changes, we want to encourage the community of practitioners in the field to work together, to exchange good practices and knowledge and to identify the best solutions for various types of problems.

Objectives of the Award

●    Brings recognition to the specialists with outstanding results in the field of mental health

●    Encourage and support good initiatives and projects to increase impact

Who can be awarded?

The award is dedicated to mental health practitioners with at least 3 years of experience, regardless of:

●    Field in which it operates: Research, education, psychotherapy / psychological intervention, public policy / advocacy
●    Professional profile: psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, psychotherapists, social workers, nurses in psychiatric hospitals, etc.
●    Scientific approach: cognitive-behavioral, systemic, integrative, psychoanalytic, humanistic, etc.

Who is eligible to  receive the Award?

The practitioner who applies or is nominated will be awarded for the achievements he has had so far and supported to develop the skills / knowledge / resources necessary for the development of his initiatives / projects.
Eligible initiatives / projects must meet the following criteria, which will be followed by the specialized jury:

●    Innovation - its approach reflects creativity in solving problems, to be customized on the profile and particularities of the beneficiaries, to have already been demonstrated as useful
●    Social orientation - focus on improving mental health issues in a target category / group / patient community
●    Civic commitment / change of mentality - impact on increasing the quality of life of the beneficiary category and decreasing the stigma and shame associated with it.


How can someone apply?

Complete the form below. Only applications who offer complete requested information will be considered (full answers to questions, CV, reference letters).

What is the prize?

In addition to the official recognition of professional achievements, the prize consists of a financial reward of 2500 euros, which can be used however the awardee finds suitable in order to develop the idea and the project (eg participation in international congress / international conference, fellowship, purchase of resources to support the project, project promotion, etc.)

How the awardee plans to invest the financial part of the prize will be specified in the application form.

How will the laureate be subsequently involved in EPRMHA?

In order to ensure the sustainability and continuity of the award, as well as to develop the network of specialists who collaborate for the same purpose, improving the quality of mental health services in Romania and reducing the associated stigma, the winner will present the initiative, development and achieved results and impact in the next year’s awarding ceremony.

Ratiu Democracy Centre will facilitate a suitable professional context so that the participating practitioners have the opportunity to share knowledge, to find common ways and ideas of collaboration and to support each other.


* practitioner / specialist - certified person in the field of mental health
** mental health - psychiatry, psychology, social work, counseling, psychotherapy, education, psychiatric care, prevention, advocacy, public policy, optimization / personal development
*** types of approaches - cognitive-behavioral, systemic, integrative, Jungian, psychoanalytic, NLP, psychodrama, hypnotherapy, occupational therapy, or any therapy school that offers licensing.

For more information, please contact 
Oana Botezan



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