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Who We Are

They say that Ion Ratiu was “the best president Romania never had”. Known for his fight to promote and implement the democratic values in a time when it was difficult for people living under the communist regime to understand and integrate them, he came back after a long exile abroad to the country he loved and believed in, where he continued his efforts to encourage a democratic approach through all his actions, until his death in January 2000. 

Ratiu Democracy Centre was created in 2004 by Indrei Ratiu, with the support from the Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation, to maintain and continue the moral and ideological legacy of Ion Ratiu, as well as his interest in promoting democratic values, by encouraging people to act and behave within a democratic mindframe. For 16 years, Ratiu Democracy Centre has developed and implemented projects in accordance with these values, content-wise, as well as process-wise, by the way decisions are made, responsibilities are taken and roles are divided within the team. The organization has a local, regional and international impact.

Ratiu Democracy Centre has its headquarters in Turda, in the old family house. During the past 15 years, it has become a meeting point for experts and specialists in democracy with young people who want to develop critical thinking and other competencies. 

Without being a political partisan, we bring on the discussion table different perspectives on facts, we encourage knowledge creation and sharing, we support people in developing critical views and expressing them respectfully towards others’ opinions, observe issues and take initiative to make a change for the better.


Our long-term mission is to scale our impact in order to make a sustainable change in our community, as well as at a regional level. We want to be a visible and credible voice that influences the promotion of democratic values and empowers people, especially young people to develop a mindset based on mutual understanding, active citizenship, constructive debates and respect for human rights. 



Our projects, most of which are made in partnership with public institutions, Romanian or international universities, different Romanian or international NGOs who share the same interests and values, include activities such as debates, conferences, workshops on different topics, panel discussions, summer/winter schools/camps for students. 



Our vision is to become a place where ideas and democratic initiatives meet, both at a local and international level, where the search for knowledge and understanding in a political, cultural and historical context is always stimulated and also delivered via shared projects and initiatives that encourage citizens to make differences in their communities.


Ratiu Democracy Centre is financially supported by the Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation. Local sponsors also support part of the monthly project implementation.

To create a long term sustainability plan, while highlighting the story of Ion Ratiu and his family, the Ratiu Foundation has created different social entrepreneurship projects, that generate profit which supports the Ratiu Democracy Centre partially. 

The Ratiu GuestHouse, as well as La Papion coffee shop  a friendly and warm environment, where guests can be accommodated in rooms with names of the family members, they can walk through the premises of the foundation and the house and understand more about the history of Ion Ratiu and his family and the activities of the Ratiu Democracy Centre. Besides generating income for the educational projects of the NGO, these entrepreneurial projects create workplaces for people in the Turda community and offer a suitable place and an infrastructure for organizing local, as well as national and international meetings, conferences, summer schools for students. 

If you wish to support the sustainability of the Ratiu Democracy Centre projects or visit the beautiful and historical location in Turda, book your room now at the Ratiu Guest House.



Creating a space that enables knowledge and experience transfer and encourages critical thinking and competencies development.

Encouraging people to develop a mindset based on core democratic values and views.

Creating a network of stakeholders that support the development of a quality project content and grow our visibility on the map of relevant organizations on democracy.



Knowledge transfer



Critical thinking

Community focus (equal opportunities)

Participation and engagement