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Change Architects Innovative Teachers Accelerator Workshop is an activity taking place between October 31st and November 3rd in Turda.  We bring together a selected group of innovative teachers to contribute to the design of a multipliers strategy and action plan for scaling student led community projects using the design thinking method.

The goal of this workshop is to enhance innovative teachers skills and competences, and together design a strategy which leverages their experience and networks to attract and train teachers who have the potential and will to create change in their own classrooms and communities. The workshop uses facilitation methods, training of trainers, design thinking and a social entrepreneurial approach. An action plan will be developed during the workshop and pilots will be deployed in the current school year. An assessment of impact will be conducted during June - July 2020 and the results of the pilot will be analyzed to determine the scaling strategy.

Only teachers who had facilitated Change Architects student led community projects can participate to this workshop. This project is an initiative of All Grow, in partnership with Ratiu Democracy Centre.