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Rațiu Family Charitable Foundation

The Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation was established in London in 1979 by Ion and Elisabeth Rațiu to promote and support projects which further education and research in the culture and history of Romania, both in Romania and the UK. Ever since its foundation in 2004, The Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation has been the main support in initiating, delivering and sustaining the projects of Ratiu Democracy Centre.


ASA CONS ROMANIA SRL was founded in 1999 as part of the group ASA Kft. Hungary and has quickly become the market leader in precast concrete for non residential buildings in Romania. ASA CONS built an impressive track record over the years, including commercial and logistic centers, warehouses, infrastructure, civil and industrial buildings.

ASA CONS has offered a long-term monthly financial support for Ratiu Democracy Centre, starting from August 2018. Our long term collaboration aims to develop the educational projects, as well as support other humanitarian and educational initiatives from Turda and the surroundings.

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The Water Company  ARIEȘ

The Water Company  ARIEȘ was founded on 3rd January 2007, as a local operator of the water supplies and sewage in Turda - Campia Turzii. It is a Romanian company owned and run by the local authorities in the area. The Water Company supported along time different educational projects of Ratiu Democracy Centre, such as “Ignorance creates victims” and “The Centenary Brochure”.

CES  Romania

CES Romania was founded in 2012 in Cluj – Napoca as a high quality engineering service provider for the Consolis Group mainly deserving Consolis Business Units from the Scandinavian region and Baltic region. Currently CES Romania is the Center of Excellence in Seismic Engineering for the Consolis Group employing over 20 engineers.

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Prebet Aiud

S.C. PREBET AIUD S.A. is the sole producer of an entire range of ferroconcrete and prestressed concrete prefabs for communication ways, railway, and causeway.

Over the years, S.C PREBET AIUD S.A has been in close co-operation with Romanian engineers for ongoing improvement of both product technical level and production technology. The industrial unit has a long-lasting tradition in manufacturing and commercializing prestressed ferroconcrete and concrete prefabs intended for railway and prefabricate ferroconcrete causeway constructions.