Young people development of public speaking, rhetoric and critical thinking abilities, in order to obtain an active and civically involved generation who will promote democracy.



In total, over 530 teenagers took part in our activities, since the start of the project in 2006. Today, the Club is organized on three levels, each dedicated to different age groups and experience levels.

IRDC Juniors

Dedicated to 13-14 year olds

Focuses on helping members create their own public speaking style and overcoming the fear of speaking.

IRDC Beginners

Dedicated to members who have less than one year of experience in debating

Focuses on establishing the fundamentals of debating, argumentation and rhetoric.

IRDC Advanced

Dedicated to members who have more than one year of experience in debating

Focuses on developing the already acquired skills and obtaining a better understanding of the argumentation techniques


The debate club was launched in november 2006 and it functioned until april 2014. Being an affiliated member of ARDOR (The Romanian Association of Debating, Oratory and Rhetoric), IRDC has the right to take part in debating tournaments for high-schoolers. In this period, over 400 members were part of the Club.

Besides the participations in national tournaments, the main results were

1.    In 2007 – 3rd place for the team, 1st place for a speaker at the regional „Transilvania” tournament

2.    In 2009 – organizers of the regional „Transilvania” tournament, which took place in Turda

3.    In 2011 – 2nd place for the team; 1st, 2nd and 4th for the speakers at the „Tinerii Dezbat” tournament in Baia Mare

4.    In 2013 – 1st place for the team at the national „Central Open Bucharest” tournament

The Club was re-opened in september 2017 and since then we participated in the following tournaments

1.    Primu’ Turneu ARGO Ploiești – 2017 – octo-finals

2.    Chropen Timișoara – 2018

3.    Primu’ Turneu ARGO Ploiești – 2018

4.    NextGen Open București – 2018

5.    Chropen Timișoara – 2019



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