Within the project, various prevention and intervention activities were carried out last year, and those involved want to develop tools to provide long-term sustainability of this project. Through all the activities done and proposed for the future, dedicated to both high school youth and the general public, they try to find as many solutions as possible when bullying arises, both for awareness and for combating oppression and violence. The project has a social purpose and is addressed to people from any social environment.

Activities/ Participants

In 2018, a high school information campaign was organized, with prevention activities for high school students and a large promotional material placed on the building of the brewery in Turda. During the prevention campaign we organized the arrival of the theatre group from Tg. Jiu, who played „Avioane de hârtie”, a show about bullying from the perspective of young people whose parents are going to work abroad. Due to the public's positive reaction to the emotions expressed through art and theatre, in 2019 the guide and the show „Povești neștiute" was created.

The guide „Povești neștiute”

This guide presents the experiences of young high school students, who were not confronted with various situations in which they were victims of physical and emotional violence, both at school and at home, both from strangers and from others. At each story, you can find some unsatisfied ones, and at the end, several recommendations of a legal, practical or psychological nature, which will help the readers to deal with the situations they face. The recommendations are aimed at supporting, managing and the associated negative emotions. The guide is offered free of charge at the performances of the show and distributed in schools, and the stories are staged in the show with the same name. The guide is offered free of charge at the performances of the show and distributed in schools, and the stories are staged in the show with the same name.


The show „Povești neștiute”

A show about the reality in which we live. About the physical and emotional violence that each of us has felt and the consequences that “bullying” has on us. Created and played by the young people from Turda involved in the project “Ignorance makes victims”, the show is based on their stories life, raw and sincere, with which each of us can reason. Interactive and aimed at educating and raising awareness, the show is vibrant and dynamic, taking over and adapting stories from the public to each new performance.



More than 140 people participated in the premiere on September 27, 2019. The show will be played in several locations, and the stories will change depending on the contribution of the audience. Thus, young people will have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of the project and will be able to make their stories known, in order to prevent such situations in the future.

Future Plans


• The show will be played both in Turda, several times, and to organize a caravan through the country with which to carry this show, so that a considerable number of people have the opportunity to participate and receive the message.

• Extending the impact from local to regional level

• Creating a context of emotional security, in which young people resonate with the stories being exposed and feel encouraged both to expose their own stories and to return or intervene in such situations

• Peer-to-peer awareness and prevention

• Increase the number of beneficiaries by 20% in each representation