International Summer School on Brexit and Migration

Two migration-related issues dominate European debates nowadays: the arrival of large waves of refugees and irregular migrants from outside of Europe, primarily from the East and South, and Brexit. If the first topic emerged dramatically after and partially due to the asylum seeker crisis in 2015, the second deals with challenges posed by Brexit on the freedom of movement of Europeans.

Ion Ratiu
Democracy Award

Ion Ratiu Democracy Award expresses the deep commitment to democracy of the late Ion Ratiu through his contributions as a Romanian politician and intellectual as well as his interest in democratic change worldwide.

Ratiu Forum

Ratiu Democracy Centre has great pleasure to announce the establishment of the Ratiu Forum, an initiative within the Central and South-East Europe Programme (CSEEP) at LSE IDEAS, following a May 2019 partnership agreed between the Rațiu Family Charitable Foundation (RFCF, London), Ratiu Democracy Centre and LSE IDEAS.