Legal Academy

“Vedem Just” Association initiated this project to educate young people to know their rights
and their responsibilities, understand how the legal system in Romania works, how
responsible and active citizens behave and what the best way to act is in different situations
they might find themselves in.

Ratiu Democracy Centre became a partner for the 2019 project, Legal Academy, a pilot
edition that gathered students from Romania for a workshop and a summer camp on legal
education. A separate workshop for teachers was held, to enable them to teach Legal
Educations in different schools in Romania.


The project will be continued by organizing regular events for students and teachers who
will become ambassadors in their own communities. A network will be therefore formed and
the information will be transmitted peer-to-peer through local initiatives. An application will
be designed to support the information sharing – it will be available on the phone and free for
all users.

Legal Academy for high school teachers

20 teachers from all around Romania gathered in Turda for a 2 day training (12th-14th July) on how to implement courses of Legal Education in their highschools.

Legal Academy for high school students

30 high school students from the region, as well as other counties from Romania attended a 5 day summer camp in Turda, where they learned about the rule of law and the legal system, they understood how democracy works and what they can do to prevent and intervene in different types of situations. The students acquired argumentative skills, learned about the effects of drugs and digital crimes and used all the skills in their final exercises – simulated trials at the Court in Cluj and making plans for disseminating all the information in their schools and communities.