Adolescence is a difficult time that comes with moments of confusion regarding one’s identity, interests, future and emotions. School and parents are highly focused on performance, yet less focused on personal struggles, emotions and individual differences.
We have created this recurrent event, where we invite people with different backgrounds, careers and projects, to share their stories, struggles, dreams and fears and  send across the underlying message that it is all right to be yourself, to try, to fail and to follow your dreams.


Around 20-30 young people joined each edition, asking relevant questions and having a dialogue with our guests:

●    George Jiglău-Labuneț, teacher at the Faculty of Political Sciences, researcher on democracy and initiator of the “A warm meal social” project.

●    Andrei Covatariu, Regulatory Affairs Manager at ENEL, Senior Research Associate & Summer School Director at Energy Policy Group, a board member of the FEL-100 (Future Energy Leaders)

●    Bogdan Bulgaria and Simina Stoica, local entrepreneur and HR representative for ASA Cons

●    Victoria Pătrașcu, author of “Nesupusele” and initiator of “De basm”

●    Radu Albu-Comănescu, historian and teacher at the Faculty of European Studies

●    Paul Potora, fitness instructor and young entrepreneur


Results and future plans


Young people feel that the experience of having someone to relate to and ask questions has been mind opening and important for their career decision making.

We aim to create a pleasant context for experience sharing and interaction, to have one guest per month, as different as possible from each other, in order to offer a range of perspectives about life and opportunities.


The speakers should be young people with an interesting background, a good story to tell and a set of professional achievements, to inspire young people and bring awareness regarding opportunities and possibilities.