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 The Free Time Factory is an initiative of the Ratiu Center for Democracy and it aims to provide different activities through which people have information, have an opportunity to spend their time and learn new things. Workshops, group discussions, projects on self-development, integration programs, movie and quiz nights – are a few contemporary methods to empower work and life in the community.

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LSE IDEAS is LSE's foreign policy think tank, currently ranked Europe's top university-affiliated think tank.

IDEAS hosts interdisciplinary research projects, produces working papers and reports, holds public and off-the-record events, and delivers cutting-edge executive training programmes for government, business and third-sector organisations.

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At the Wilson Center, preeminent scholars and experts research topics of national and international relevance. In the spirit of President Wilson, the Center builds a bridge between the worlds of academia and public policy, to inform and develop solutions to the problems and challenges of the United States. Democracy is built on the notion of an informed and active citizenry. The Wilson Center provides the fuel that makes this possible.

We work together with the Wilson Center on the Ion Ratiu Democracy Award.

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The aim of VeDem Just is promoting freedom, strengthening democracy, defending the rule of law, good governance and the fundamental human rights. This is done through civic, judicial, educational, cultural and social actions, by adopting different public positions and by creating specific programs and projects.

In collaboration with VeDem Just, we organized the Legal Academy Summer Camp

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“Ține de Noi”is an NGO that aims to create active communities in regard to economic, educational and energetic  public policies and building a space in society to debate the problems of romanian governance.  Building a center for training, based on professionalism, with professional trainers, unique and diverse themes, is surely of very high interest for the romanian society.

We supported “Ține de Noi” in organizing the “Democracy and Protest” exposition


AllGrow is a global organization dedicated to generating social impact and fostering systemic change.  It believes that in order to grow, we need to collaborate, and in doing so we are stronger and can design solutions to systemic problems.

We became  AllGrow's partners on the Change Architects project.


Romanian Center for Comparative Migration Studies (Centrul pentru Studiul Comparat al Migraţiei – CSCM) is a network of scholars founded in 2011. Starting with 2013 the Center is affiliated to the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The center focuses on research and applied projects on topics related to migration, such as the effects of international migration on countries of origin and destination, forms and dynamics of international migration, migrants’ citizenship and civic involvement, immigrants’ integration, and so on.
In collaboration with CSCM, we organized the International Summer School on Brexit and Migration.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation drives and supports the Award’s global growth, so more young people can undertake the world’s leading youth achievement award. The Association is made up of 69 national Award bodies and 350 Independent Award Centres (IACs) in more than 130 countries and territories. The work of the Association is carried out by the Foundation.

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Funky Citizens wishes to create online advocacy instruments, based on research and obtained data. The instruments are used to educate and as a call to action, encouraging the youth to take part in responsabilisation initiatives through which they can understand their impact. Through agregation and education of the youth by use of online instruments, Funky Citizens believes that we can develop the understanding and the human capital required to influence a more participative, transparent and responsible democracy.

We took part in the Civic Caravan organized by Funky Citizens.


ECYC represents a European network of youth work and youth club organisations that practice and promote open youth work and non-formal education. With 20 nationally represented organisations in 18 Council of Europe member states, reaching 1.2 million young people, the organisation has at its heart the supporting of youth clubs and other forms of neighbourhood youth work.
The vision of the European Confederation of Youth Clubs (ECYC) is to empower young people through open youth work and non-formal learning in order to promote democratic and civil society and to encourage young people to be actively involved in their communities.


ARDOR promotes debate as an educational instrument that develops critical thinking, argumentation abilities and public speaking skills since 1994, the year in which it was founded.
ARDOR acts as a network of 100 debate clubs, coordinated by the 6 regional associations: Asociația Cluburilor de Dezbateri din Vest, ARDOR Muntenia, AGORA Debate, Asociația de Educație Socială, Asociația de Comunicare, Oratorie, Retorică și Dezbateri  și Asociația Română de Gândire și Oratorie.
Ion Rațiu Debate Club is an affiliated member of ARDOR through its partnership with AGORA Debate.


Babeș-Bolyai University has become in time an emblem of success for Cluj and for the entire country. It is a dynamic and constructive institution well integrated into society and oriented towards future, a future which it can design, prepare and build. An institution that can only be conceived within the framework that consecrated it, that of the universitas magistrorum et scholarium (“community of magistrates and disciples”), of the community of teachers and students, of the “corporation of equals” with an exclusive preoccupation for innovation and knowledge.

With the help of UBB we organized the Rațiu Dialogues on Democracy.


Societatea Studențească de Științe Politice (SSSP) is a NGO (not-for-profit, private body), formed in 1993 by a number of important Romanian public figures. The Organization's main goal is to create a proper environment for the development of young people.
Precisely they aim to
- Promote democratic ideals and "European values";
- Enhance volunteering, civic participation, and active citizenship;
- Foster social inclusion, health, and well-being;
- Increase employment.

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Forum Apulum is an NGO that promotes critical thinking, debate and civic education.  They believe that it is everyones responsibility to be examples for the community and that a society is defined by the ones that form it so they wish to make people understand that the reality around them is a consequence of their degree of implication.

We worked together with Forum Apulum on CivicON