Ioana Ratiu-Răileanu

Ioana Ratiu-Răileanu is an expert on communication and international marketing for luxury goods, previously employed by Estée Lauder (UK) and Sonya Rykiel, Karl LAGERFELD, Révillon, Charles Jourdan, Payot Cosmetiques, and Rochas (France), directly involved in the creation and international promotion processes.
Ioana has been awarded the Grand Trophy at The Leipzig Cosmetics Trade Fair, 1981, for the Sonya Rykiel 7-ème Sens body lotion, The Oscar Cosmetics Award for the “Most original masculine perfume” French Line, Révillon, in 1985, The Oscar Cosmetics Award for the “Best poster campaign” French Line, Révillon, in 1985, the Epica Award for the “Best publicity campaign”, cosmetics section for Payot Cosmetiques, in 1994.

Ioana is a member of Cosmetic Executives Women, Fashion Group France and board member of Pro Patrimonio France. Daughter of the famous musician George Georgescu, she is involved in organising various events in honor of her father’s memory, as well as in the organising of the International Contest for Performing Artists (Tulcea). Ioana has a son, Alexandru Raţiu, and is married to the well known essayist and RFI journalist Petre Răileanu. She lives in Paris and Bucharest.

Peter Harrap

Peter Harrap is a Brighton based British-Romanian artist and curator. His exhibitions include Constable and Brighton “Something out of Nothing”, Brighton Museum (08 April-08 Oct 2017), as an artist curator with an accompanying book by Scala publishers, and also “No New Thing Under the Sun” at the Royal Academy of Arts (October 2010-January 2011) as an assistant artist curator.  Peter Harrap’s grandfather arrived in London from Romania in October 1939.

Kitty Willis

Kitty has worked in the counselling world in England for the past 15 years. She is a psychotherapist, counsellor, supervisor and trainer, and works with children and young people as well as with adult clients. Kitty is interested in the psychological assistance offered to trafficking survivors. She is particularly interested in the overlap between spirituality and counselling. She is also a member of the Anglican Church. Her father was Romanian and was a cousin of the Ratiu Family.

Dan Dan, MD.

Dan Dan, MD, is a trustee of the Ratiu Democracy Centre and the Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation. He is a graduate of the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, with postgraduate training in General Medicine (Emergency Hospital, Bucharest), Internal Medicine (Memorial Medical Center, Savannah, Georgia), Cardiology (Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio) and Cardiac Electrophysiology (Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia). Since 2008 he is an electrophysiologist at the Piedmont Heart Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. Between 2008 and 2010 he acted as Director of Clinical Electrophysiology Research for the Piedmont Heart Institute in Atlanta. Dan has experience in teaching and training cardiology and EP fellows, in rounding and lecturing fellows and residents and has developed training programs with lectures and curriculum for EP staff for 10 years, aiming for HRS board certification for Allied Professionals. He published extensively and participated in numerous conferences and scientific reunions worldwide. Dan is a fellow of AMA, ACC and American Autonomic Society.

Richard Pollitzer

Richard is a long standing friend of the Ratiu family. He was fortunate enough to participate in that extraordinary journey back to Bucharest with Ion Ratiu in January 1990 and to witness some of the memorable events that followed, ultimately attending Ion Ratiu’s burial in Turda, 10 years later. Born and raised in England, his family originally came from Budapest in the mid-19th century, and founded Beck & Pollitzer in London at that time. Coincidentally, the family also had pre-war connections with the Pilkington business via the late Sigmund Pollitzer.
He has worked as a stockbroker for over 35 years, looking after private individuals and their families' interests. He is also involved with several charitable trusts, both as a trustee and advisor.